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Default Re: The Mormon Church is "The Church"?

Originally Posted by awareness View Post
So how is it that Nee and Lee started afresh? As I recall, Lee never claimed that. He said he was standing on the shoulders of great men from the past, as I remember it. That's not starting afresh.

But I remember the recovery explained. The simple story is that it started with Luther, and progressed to The Recovery ; the Recovery being the final stage before Jesus comes back.

Has the idea of the recovery evolved since I was in? Has it changed since Lee died? Are the blended brothers the final stage now? When is The Recovery finally accomplished? If it even exists? It may just be a contrived illusion.
When Lee and LSM needed a little credibility, then they "stand on Luther's shoulders."

When Lee and LSM demanded exclusive authenticity, then they alone "started afresh."

It may just be a "contrived illusion" to the entire body of Christ, but they just need their own folks to believe it.
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