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Originally Posted by Terry View Post
I suspect many of the newer books have their content taken from earlier publications only to make it appear "this is new". As it is much of the online content is diluted from it's original form.
When the LSM releases 'new' books, everyone can rest assured that it is nothing new.

I noticed that in the advertising for the CWWL they say that a significant portion of the material is previously unreleased. That may very well be true. But there is a big thing people forget about WL. He wasn't an author. He didn't write much of anything. He spoke messages. Lots of them.

Messages are delivered to audiences, and the content of a spoken message is not usually considered to have a long term applicability. It is spoken in the here and now. So what the LSM is actually releasing is a bunch of content that has a highly questionable applicability and relevance.
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