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Default Re: Promoting Reading the Publication of the Ministry Among the Saints

From Church News:

How does your locality conduct an effective book service in a rented meeting place?

In order to help the saints pursue the truth and read more spiritual publications, the church in Ontario (CA) has recently started providing mobile and effective book service through a portable display stand for the saints on Lordís Day. They rent a few rooms from a local high school each Lordís day and because of this they are using a portable book display for convenience.

Before having this portable display, the book service in Ontario mostly consisted of distributing the Holy Word for Morning Revival to the saints. However, during the 2016 winter training, there was a burden to encourage the saints to read more of the ministry publications.

This burden was brought to the saints in Ontario to see how it can be carried out. Through prayer, fellowship and the Lordís leading, a portable display stand was purchased along with one of the library packages offered by Living Stream Ministry (LSM). LSM offers display/library sets as packages with the purpose of providing churches or individuals with a set of Living Stream publications for physical display and sale of ministry material or to serve as a library for loaning out to individuals.

ďThe Lordís word will require that we bear the responsibility to labor willingly to zealously encourage and urge everyone in all the local churches to pursue the truth and read the spiritual publications. In this way the Lordís truth will spread widely, and there will be a real revival.Ē (CWWL, 1984, vol. 5, ďThe Faithful and Diligent Spreading of the Truth,Ē p. 208)

The hope is that through this book service, the saints would be encouraged to pursue the truth and read more spiritual publications. Once the Lordís truth gets into the saints, it can easily spread and this will help bring in a real revival in the saints and among the churches in the Lordís recovery.
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