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Default Re: Comments on The One Publication by Philip van Dijk

Originally Posted by Living Stream Ministry
'... In a meeting with the brothers to whom he committed the responsibility for Living Stream Ministry, Brother Lee said, “My burden is for the recovery based on the interpretation of Brother Nee and me. I am the continuation of Brother Nee; I would like to have a continuation of me, and this needs a corporation ... The Living Stream corporation will continue this ministry"
The living stream ministry is a corporation.

Originally Posted by Philip van Dijk
If the Lord's Recovery is, as our brother Witness Lee claims, nothing more than a burden based on an interpretation of Watchman Nee and himself, then is this recovery maybe nothing more than another institutional denomination, something this recovery of the Lord vehemently sought to depart from in the first place?
The only way the interpretation equals the basis of the 'recovered' assembly is if the interpreter is given cosmic, oracular status. The interpreter is God's sole designated mouthpiece. The writing of the New Testament conveys none of this. In fact it repeatedly conveys the opposite.

And when God's so-called oracle is given untouchable status, the basis of the interpretation as being culturally-mediated seems quite clear.
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