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There are some things I really like about the LC, Like the local leaders are not obvious authority figures, like in others. Also, they look at scripture from a different angle, and see things that I have learnt from. Most of these things are just their normal understanding of words used it scripture, not what they teach. Like "you shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free:, etc. The way they see "truth" is more like "reality", and I checked it out, they are correct! Our current understanding of "truth" is as an true idea, something that does not influence our life, a "true fact". But "you shall know (come into union with) REALITY" is a very different concept! There are many other concepts like this I have seen, where I just saw their understanding, they did not preach it.

The people I have met then have been shining examples, no guile in them, and we have been seeing a lot of them.
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