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Default Re: I'm so lost on how to live a normal life

A couple of addendums:

Originally Posted by aron View Post
Jesus was unyieldingly fixated upon His Father in heaven. ....Eventually as an adult, I realized Jesus is the Other Realm, personified.
Only the Holy Spirit can show you Jesus Christ. Your natural mind will never find Him. But the Holy Spirit loves to declare the things of Jesus Christ. So if you seek the person of Jesus Christ, you will get the Holy Spirit. I guarantee it.

But if you seek the Holy Spirit you'll likely get something else: excitement, maybe even a kind of feverish, fleshly and/or soulish hysteria, perhaps with some kind of religious or 'mystical' patina. You'll know it by its fruit: you'll be nervous, self-obsessed and subjective, judgmental, full of grandiose notions that you are somebody or something. Etc.

So don't take your eye off the ball.

Secondly, if you see Jesus you see the Father's love for us all. God loved us so much that He sent His Son. Nobody has ever seen God, but Jesus declared Him. Fully and completely. In toto.

My point here is that you cannot find the Father. But you can find Jesus, who is finding the Father right in front of you. "I came to do Thy will, O God; behold in the scroll of the book it is written concerning Me." It is Jesus. He's the way home to the Father.

Originally Posted by aron View Post
Unfortunately I'm the wrong person to give advice on being normal, and balanced. Believe me I'd love to, but it's just a mystery to me.
If you do eventually find some semblance of balance and normality, please let us know. If I was a normal, lucid person I probably wouldn't be here typing on this computer keyboard, but instead would instead be "out there", doing something real and good and true. So please feel free to help us out if you find anything.
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