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Default Re: Good evening! My story - and thank you for yours

Originally Posted by JJ View Post
Unfortunately the superiority complex in "The Lord's Recovery" was promoted by Witness Lee from the beginning and throughout his fifty year ministry right up to his last message, when he finally repented of the way he talked about other Christians. But the "blended brothers" never went back to edit the Living Stream Ministry writings. Instead, every "Holy Word for Morning Revival" (local church guidebooks) still have excerpts of "trashing Christianity" in the outlines and Ministry excerpts. Everyone who spends much time there becomes steeped in it, so the result is the practice of "trashing Christianity" still goes on. I've had dear Christian relatives attend local church meetings with me hear "a testimony" from a local church saint that trashes Christianity, and they felt attacked by it. So, I've seen the damage firsthand.

There are an awful lot of us "cows" here that finally said "enough is enough", and got out. Thanks to the internet, we know we aren't alone (which I thought I was for years).
This reminds of 2 things.. 1) a brother who was from my 'locality' told me he and some brothers used to the LC "Elsie" the cow.

2nd one... someone shared a dream with me.. I will share part of it because of the cow comment:
In my dream I looked over and saw a blonde colored cow with her calf. The cow looked extremely sick and the calf looked almost dead from starvation.

The cow was so small and sickly that it was heartbreaking. It even seemed as if the cow was fully aware that her calf was starving from lack of milk, but somehow felt helpless to do anything about it. The calf laid next to her mother and had a listless look.
I then heard footsteps coming from behind me. When I turned to look, I saw that my husband was now standing next to me. I was in tears as I turned towards him. I hugged him and started to cry as I pointed to the awful sight.

Me: “There is food for her to eat just twenty feet away on our property. There is fresh alfalfa literally just a few feet away from them. Why does she not just eat it? Perhaps I should get a tray of food and bring it to them. We have to help or they will soon die.”

My husband: “Erin, they know that there is food here, but they have purposely chosen this. There is really nothing we are supposed to do here. This is hard to look at. We have to go now.”

I reluctantly agreed with him and we continued on our walk. After picking up our mail, we walked back past the shelter. The mother cow had already left and the calf laid there dead.
I truly had no idea what the interpretation of it meant. A Christian friend (never associated with 'Elsie') told me what he think it meant:
I believed the sick cow was a long-term chuurrcher or a preacher, and the calf was one that the chuurrch spawned. It died in chuurrch, but as Erin's husband pointed out; it is not the Lord's will to feed every creature and not our time-- as Jesus said, "let the dead bury their dead", and HE moved on....
There are a lot of people leaving the man made 'church' these days. They/we are connecting through the internet and forging new friendships via emails and phone calls. If you attend a denomination and love it there, good for you. No condemnation from me. Personally, I tried being a part of one for 5-7 yrs and was involved in the church activities from bible studies to social events. But something was not right.. red flags kept going up and the Lord pulled me out. I re read Acts and Revelation, while pondering on the letters Paul wrote to the Romans, Corinthians etc...

God since then has connected me with lots of new Christian friends. We are not all on the same page but the fellowship is fresh and we are at liberty to share whatever we want. I also go to a bible study which is really over all great. There is one tiny thorn however. There is a 'churcher' whose opinion is we must all attend 'church'. I just ignore that opinion.
I am following God's Word in Hebrews 10:25
not forsaking our own assembling together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another; and all the more as you see the day drawing near.

Where in the scriptures are we told to gather in a church building for Sunday services or on Saturday? Many people go week after week, year after year and are dead. In the early days we practiced what the saints in Acts did. broke bread from house to house. Our fellowship (at least in San Diego) was rich in the beginning. We were encouraging one another. As I have said over and over, my experience in the LC for the most part was very positive until it became ELSIE the cow.

Anywho.... Blessings to all.
Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.
(Luke 21:36)
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