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Default Re: Question for Christian Former LC Members

Thinking of marrying someone in a religious group you are not sure about is like tap dancing in a minefield. You may not get blown up but you are pressing your luck.

Unless you are committed to the LCM don't marry someone who is. Because when push comes to shove they will pick the group over you. This is one of the false ideas they push.

You need to separate your feelings about the girl from your feelings about the LCM. Deal with them separately. Until you decide you are 100% for the LCM you should have nothing special to do with her. And the last thing you should do is join the LCM because you like her.

It's tough I know. But trust God. Be patient. Don't rush. Marriage is challenging enough without stacking the deck against yourself.

Besides, there are plenty of fish in the sea. Before marriage keep your options open, because after you won't have any.
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