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Originally Posted by OnHisPath View Post
I don't understand this. If you are already one with them, in Christ, it could never be a divisive question. It feels to me like we believe the same kernel of truth, but you insist on holding onto some extra little matter that makes the truth null and void.

Regardless, I really appreciate you commenting on my thoughts and helping me to engage in this conversation. It's a good exercise.
My response addresses Ohio's remarks as well:

If you truly believed that you were one with them, you could or would not ask them that question. The concept of "my church" and "your church" is contrary to the belief that you profess. It is like saying, "I believe my brother in the flesh is part of my family, but I will ask him of which family he belongs". If they are one with you in Christ, then they are in the same church as you are.
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