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Default Re: Question for Christian Former LC Members

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Thank you!

She served in an LC, she also is very keen on adhering to their practice of asking elders for permission to court.
She has a good education and was working in her field part-time but then last semester started serving full time and living in a couple's home.
She's also not my girlfriend but I think we have very strong attraction between us.
Her father is a baptist pastor and neither of her parents meet with the LC.
At this point, do you think moving forward and asking an elder to hook us up would be okay
from a spiritual perspective?
I don't want to regret this in 20 years with kids as part of the equation though.
It is an ominous sign to me that she seems to be very much into the LSM, while you aren't.

How about her father's ministry? Do you find it to be spiritually edifying? If yes, perhaps you could consider fellowshipping with her father.
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