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Default Re: I've been reading for about 8 years

Originally Posted by OnHisPath View Post

I do not think, if asked directly, Witness Lee would have ever said that those outside of the LC cannot be true Christians (same is true for most LC members). However, the informal speaking, and even testimony during meetings that I witnessed many times, clearly highlighted the dysfunctional group dynamics of a religious system that thrived on an "us against them" mentality. To me, this is true division. Not a sign on the outside of a building. It is the cultural dynamics of the LC that foster a, possibly inadvertant, divisive spirit among some people. We know that God looks at the heart, and "out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks". The divisive speaking against other Christians is a real problem.
Great points.

Witness Lee loved to compare the best of the Recovery with the worst of Christianity, as if it were a valid comparison, placing them in the balances for us to choose. This distorted montage only worked when LC members never ventured out of doors.

Paul speaks of those who "make" divisions or who are "actively" aligning themselves with only one minister, even if it was Paul himself. This was Lee to a tee. He was constantly sowing distinctions, highlighting differences, comparing and contrasting his little movement with the whole body of Christ.

Perhaps the motive was simple -- it covered for corruption. After years in the Recovery, I believed that Lee and his ministry were as pure as the driven snow. That's what he told us, and no one around me said anything to the contrary. As long as he could keep a lid on the flow of information, things worked great. Then that evil internet came along ...
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