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Default Re: Question for Christian Former LC Members

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post

I started meeting with the LC a few years ago shortly after I got saved.
I've been in and out of their meetings, and their ministry never really took hold in me
I always got my messages from the Bible and casually read their stuff in meetings.
However, recently I've become interested in a sister there who serves full time. The enemy came up and accused me of being in a cult, and I know the enemy doesn't want me to marry her but that made me look into the LC and it potentially being a cult. I think this sister likes me but I'm more worried about the enemy accusing/condemning me for being in a cult.
I'm concerned about this, can anyone offer advice?
Well, I am current member but will offer my view anyway.

I think people who marry should be in love with each other and they should both love the Lord above anything else.

Nevertheless, many who married fell in love afterward so its not a criteria for marriage. My personal experience is that my relationship with the Lord and the relationship with my wife both go through seasons. If my relationship with my wife is solely based on my relationship with the Lord then the "winters" could have been much more severe. But, when my relationship with the Lord wanes my wife strengthens me because hers hasn't. Conversely, when my relationship with my wife gets dicey then the Lord strengthens me. We keep going, together, still madly in love with each other.

But, that is anecdotal, and others have had different experiences. I encourage love.

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