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Default Re: The Vision of the Age, the Ministry of the Age, and the Minister of the

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You see? It is clearly exactly as I said. WL is a mediator between them and the Word. Because he has so carefully planted the seeds of his doctrine and his special position throughout the life studies and the footnotes, these individuals are caught in a circle. They are completely unable to see and find the way out. We have all spent quite a bit of time with them here going round and round in their obstinate reasoning. What is so clear to us is not even there to them. They are obedient and docile. They glory in this. They have been blinded.

And you see that Evangelical's last statement above was that they needed to magnify their leader. This is not biblical and I think it definitely falls into the category of complete adulation and idolatry. I am unable to think of any verse in the Bible that tells us to magnify our Earthly leaders. This is definitely Chinese culture. It most certainly is not mine and it is not Christian culture either. Our brother Paul taught against these kinds of things. But they refuse to see it. They have turned away to their own tales and a person. They have itching ears that only care to hear what WL has to say. So in the end, they must be left as they are. The rest of us are glad that we saw the light and that we walk in liberty. We can only shake our heads in pity at what they have chosen.
I said ministry and you changed it to minister which is very dishonest. You then proceeded to claim I am an idolater based upon your misrepresentation of what I wrote. As for a verse try Romans 11.13. Magnifying ministry is biblical and Paul said it.
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