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The last category is concerning the work and it is here where the fiercest allegations arise and in some cases with legitimate objections. For example, there is no question that mistakes were made when it came to Philip Lee in the management of LSM office. At minimum a workplace harassment should have been filed. If the worst allegations were verified it should have resulted In engaging law enforcement. Some here accuse me of turning a blind eye to this. I don't and never have. As serious as it was, it does not negate everything else. I am just not obsessed with it as others here are. PLs actions never defined my experience of Christ. The misstep his father made in trusting his son did not define my experience of Christ and the Church. The difference between me and others on this matter is that I processed the experience and moved on. Others never moved on and are stuck in events of decades ago. I understand many here were devastated, crushed, and disillusioned about that matter. I get that, but I only care that they are emotionally and spiritually bogged in a slough of discontent and often anger. When I read their posts I pray they will be able to climb out and be at peace with God and men, even fallen men they once put on a pedestal. Perhaps that is another difference between me and others. I never put Brother Lee on a pedestal and my expectations were moderated by the biblical record of the weaknesses and mistakes of his servants.
Wow, that was hilarious. Do you really think that you have provided the "worst case scenario"?

Let me give you my "worst case scenario".

1. Daystar was criminal. I am familiar with SEC regulations involving selling an IPO (I am a licensed stock broker). A few years back when I first came to this forum I learned about Daystar in some detail. I am no expert, others on this forum know much more than me, but I came to the conclusion that selling this investment to the saints would have involved some very serious violations of US government regulations on the sale of securities. But the evidence was clear that at the time of Daystar the pernicious behavior of PL and TL was on full display, WL was well aware of it then and certainly was aware of the legal jeopardy he was in at the conclusion of this scam. His financial survival depended on several things -- he needed the elders (Ray G and Benson P, among others) to sell the saints on eating their loss without asking to be reimbursed. Had this gone to trial WL and his sons would have had very serious legal jeopardy, worse than just going bankrupt. Second, he needed to set up the Living Stream Ministry, a new corporation, to limit the liability from Daystar. Finally, it appears based on a full view of his subsequent behavior that WL needed PL to be the president of LSM because of something (he was willing to sacrifice Max, John Ingalls, and many other saints in exchange for keeping PL as President, why?)

2. Then after setting up Living Stream Ministry PL abused a sister. She was sent to Houston. Ray G and Benson clearly knew about this. At precisely the same time that they took this sister Houston also became a branch of LSM printing LSM materials on a very small printer. I became involved in the LSM from that moment. As an eyewitness of the subsequent behavior Ray was obsessed that no brother be alone with a sister. Although this might be a general rule for the recovery I can testify that this rule was vigorously taught, repeated and enforced. I have never known anyone else in the Recovery who emphasized this rule more. In retrospect I would say that Ray was well aware of what PL had done but may have attributed it to "being tempted". He might have viewed PL as someone who was tempted to sin and not necessarily a predator. Still there is the appearance of evil, a quid pro quo, Houston covers up PL's sin and they get to become a branch of LSM.

However, this also coincided with Max's "rebellion", Sal's "rebellion", and the "Sister's rebellion". What we now know is that Max learned that PL was a sexual predator. Sal learned about fraudulent financial dealings of Daystar, etc. The Sisters rebellion was a preemptive attack by WL on them since he figured once he made Max a scapegoat that the group his wife fellowshipped with might learn about PL, so they had to be discredited.

In all of these cases Ray Graver and Benson Phillips played key roles. Benson was the one who supposedly discovered Max's rebellion. He was the one that went to Boston to deal with the chaos caused by Sal's leaving. Also Ray and Benson were the ones that accused Jane of rebellion in the contrived "sister's rebellion". Once again, not only did Houston get rewarded with the LSM branch office but LSM also decided to build a conference center in Irving Texas. Ray was the foreman. LSM also built Benson a new house in Irving. Once again, this has the appearance of evil, they were rewarded for being faithful to clean up WL's mess.

3. However, thanks to all this PL the sexual predator is able to continue as President of LSM thanks to WL getting rid of Max, Sal, and the Sisters. And thanks to Ray and Benson. John Ingalls becomes aware of further abuses. He and the Anaheim elders go to Witness Lee and ultimately are forced to resign. They are replaced by Ed Marks (Houston/Irving), Kerry Robicheaux (Houston/Irving), Ray Graver and Benson Phillips. Once again, for the third time, this has the appearance of evil. They covered their eyes, ears and mouth to the sins of PL and as a result they were rewarded by Witness Lee.
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