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Just a quick thought I wanted to share- in an effort to give credit where it is due. I've gone to maybe 5-6 Sunday meetings at the LC. I've heard here- and other places- that only LC approved "stuff" can get shared during prophecy time. There seems to be one guy who sorta opens the floor- and he very clearly mentions we are welcome to share things from the weekly readings OR... something from the Lord (or words to that effect).
Admittedly- most folks have their nice little weekly booklets and share from it when they speak- but others share something that happened- or something they felt the Lord worked in them that week- and they get "Amen" when they are done. Again- I"m just a newbie- but it seems most of the folks are focused on their walk with Christ. I'm sure most of what is uttered is WL restatements- but most folks seem sincerely intent on their walk with Christ. I just wanted to share this so I don't come off as close-minded to things or unfairly skewed against the LC. Thx
In some sense, all of this is true. Most LC members love the Lord and are very well-intentioned. But try sharing something from a book or author other than WL and see what happens. As a newbie, you will probably get away with it--until you don't. Also, some of the HWMR material is innocuous, but much is silly stuff like this:
F. We need to be on the third story of the ark, under the skylight, the unique window, receiving light from the Lord through
the ministry of the age—Gen. 6:16:
1. In God’s economy and in God’s church there is only one
window, one revelation, and one vision.
2. We need to serve God according to the vision of the age,
which comes through the ministry of the age.
Did you know that the overhead window in the ark is a picture of Witness Lee's ministry? Remember--this is supposed to be your morning devotional material.
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