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Just a quick thought I wanted to share- in an effort to give credit where it is due. I've gone to maybe 5-6 Sunday meetings at the LC. I've heard here- and other places- that only LC approved "stuff" can get shared during prophecy time. There seems to be one guy who sorta opens the floor- and he very clearly mentions we are welcome to share things from the weekly readings OR... something from the Lord (or words to that effect).
Admittedly- most folks have their nice little weekly booklets and share from it when they speak- but others share something that happened- or something they felt the Lord worked in them that week- and they get "Amen" when they are done. Again- I"m just a newbie- but it seems most of the folks are focused on their walk with Christ. I'm sure most of what is uttered is WL restatements- but most folks seem sincerely intent on their walk with Christ. I just wanted to share this so I don't come off as close-minded to things or unfairly skewed against the LC. Thx
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