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Originally Posted by Koinonia View Post
This was and is taught and practiced all the time. College students, "typical Americans," middle/upper-class people, etc., are "good material." Go after those people. We are not here for "good works." Witness Lee and other LC leaders place high value on the outward appearance of success and prosperity.
Thanks, Koinonia. To be honest, I never heard these specific comments either. I was never involved with LSM's college work.

But, just because I never heard them, does not mean they are not true. This just exposes the dismissive attitudes of LSM's supporters towards current and former members. I'm sure ones like Drake and Evangelical would also deny some of the horror stories the GLA LC's endured at the hands of LSM operatives during and after the Quarantines.

But what troubles ex-members the most is the arrogant attitude towards any and all who would speak of their abuses. I too used to do this while still active in the LC's. It was a "protect the ministry at all cost" mode that was instilled into us for decades. For many of us it took the internet to compile all these stories together so that denial was no longer an option.
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