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Originally Posted by Drake View Post

That statement is completely bogus. I'll give you one exception.. me.

I was saved through a denomination, served in a denomination, have fellowship with brothers and sisters in denominations, and I know the Lord works in and through people in many places. I
am typical or right of center so your assertion is already slipping away.

But wait... there's more.... You cannot possibly know what tens of thousands of believers in the Lord's Recovery think about this or any other belief. Unless you are claiming omnipotence there is the fallacy and absurdity of your claim.

Lastly, you apparently never understood the basic teaching in the Lord's Recovery of Revelation 2 & 3. Four of them will exist till He returns. Suggest you read Orthodoxy of the Church to understand what is actually taught.

I said ALMOST without exception. I thought about you. There's only one Drake in all of the Lord's body!

Nee taught both progression and continuation for churches 4-7. I know what Nee taught, but I don't have to agree. Lot's of errors in that book.
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