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Default Re: Greetings from NYC!

Originally Posted by aron View Post
I don't know your current affiliation, or lack thereof, but in the LSM-affiliated assemblies they constantly point out the failures of "Christianity". A meeting doesn't go by without overt or subtle references to how bad things are with everyone else.

Then if anyone points out their flaws, some of which are quite glaring, they effectively shrug and say, "Hey, no one's perfect."
Oh, thatís not true.... at least the places I meet and have met.

Christianity deserves criticism even invites it by some of its unscriptural practices and teachings. However, the local churches are not constantly pointing out the failures of Christianity in every meeting. Besides there is no need to do that.. itís enough to contrast the difference and then spend most time on the primary mission and purpose to build the Body of Christ that He May present His bride to Himself glorious.

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