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Default Re: You can't serve God if you aren't graduated from full-time training.

Originally Posted by Truthseeker View Post
Finally, I have my own login id.


After reading several of your entries as unreg, those I assume to be you where I sorted from other unregs, I believe the FTT would not be right for you at this time. I have always said it is not for everyone. Of course, few would object to the benefits from a deep dive into God’s Word and Christian character training in an environment without distractions and worldly trappings. Perhaps, alternatively, a Bible seminary or Christian college would satisfy your hunger to learn the things of the Lord and your desire to serve Him.

And I would not concern yourself with not being qualified to serve Him. He raises up whom He wills for whatever purpose in His time. In my serving the Lord there were times I wished I had been better equipped, such as may be gained in the FTT, to fulfill my commission but sometimes we need to go the long way around (being sent to catch a fish, pull a coin out of its mouth, then go pay the Temple tax). Experience is a teacher, sometimes a harsh one, and for some it is the only teacher they will hear or ever learn from. Nevertheless, the Lord will use us to serve Him if we present ourselves to Him as a living sacrifice, and follow the Spirits leading within.

Enjoy Him in whatever path you choose.

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