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Default Re: I Left the Church 3 Years ago after Fighting with Depression

Originally Posted by Terry View Post
Personally need to feel comfortable speaking with the opposite gender. How you cause a person to be dysfunctional is to say don't talk to boys, don't talk to girls. Once as adolescents you form a young person with a trails of do not's, it may take them years to recover if at all.
This is the main thing I'm still suffering from, but I'm pushing myself to get past it. All those years of not being allowed to have conversations with women take their toll! I take partner dancing lessons several times a week so I'm always talking to women now, all the time. I do bachata and kizomba, which can get quite close and intimate especially kizomba.

I don't go on many dates (I don't ask very often) but I'm feeling a lot more confident and natural in the presence of beautiful women, and am even getting the hang of flirting a little. I've made huge progress in the last year.

Only about 6 months ago I'd stutter a lot with beautiful women and I haven't done that for a long time. Also I'm a lot less needy now. No more beta male wimp! Putting that past behind me and not letting it define who I am.
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