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Default Re: How Many Are Former Members Of The Local Church

Originally Posted by GuestM View Post
I am a little afraid and discouraged because despite the rise of the internet, which I experienced, I don't see a LOT of stuff in a search on ex members speaking. I see lots of blogs and sites where people are giving apparently positive testimonials; I was around when they were starting to do this, and I know what it is. Whenever they receive any bad press or public criticism, they rally a bunch of them together to write positively.
Welcome to the forum GuestM!

This forum has many ex-member testimonies in the Introductions and Testimonies sub-forum.

In another sub-forum are the Writings of Ex-members.

My goal and the goal of other posters is to help ex-members keep their faith and love in the Jesus our Savior. The pain and abuse of the LC experience unfortunately leads many to question our Father's unconditional love for us. Life is tough enough without all the nonsense that all too often happened in the LC community. After I left the LC, I kept a very short reading list -- basically the Gospels, the stories of Jesus life and love for us.
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