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Originally Posted by countmeworthy View Post
Freedom and all, I love how God has used the internet to His Glory. You can search any biblical topic and find an answer. The Holy Spirit will let you know if it's from HIM, Holy or not.

I also use a Lot to read the bible. There are dozens of translations. And I use them all.
15 or 20 years ago LSM had a stranglehold on the saints' attention. Now with the internet you can get access to many other ideas, interpretations, and opinions. Witness Lee was just one opinion of many. And his understanding was usually based on a fairly limited set of resources. Today the average person with an internet connection can get Lee's sources (Alford, Darby, Wuest, et al) plus dozens more if they choose.

Of course getting a dozen opinions on a word or phrase or section doesn't immediately provide resolution to the question. But I find it much more satisfying than "Witness Lee says". For example, if you go to Google Scholar and put in the right key words, you can get some really interesting reading.
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