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Olvin, this paragraph from your testimony kind of sums up the controversy we face on this forum. From one point of view, we had many experiences of Christ with the brothers, and learned so much about the Bible. From another point of view, the leaders abused lots of dear saints and hid their unrighteousness from sight. I definitely understand both sides of this debate because I was active in the churchlife for 3 decades, migrating twice to start new churches. I could go on and on about all the good ... and all the bad ...
Ohio, I am thankful for your spirit (can I say that here?;-) You are so correct, we had many experiences of Christ and learned so much about the Bible.These are the things that constitute our faith; our experiences of Christ and knowledge of His word, no matter whose ministry we received them under. We cannot discount the sovereignty of God in our lives, and we surely don't want to be a cause of stumbling for others, by causing them to doubt their experiences of Christ and trust in the word which God has caused to shape their faith.

While I was in the LC, Cleve., Lorain, and Elyria,(the latter two, like you, I labored to initiate) I pushed back hard against the so called delegated authority, always reminding them that God's throne, the highest authority, is established upon righteousness; that eating and drinking Christ was great but the kingdom was not that, it was righteousness... first. We belong to the One who told use that we would we would experience fiery trials, and not to think it strange as though some strange thing were happening to us. We don't get to chose the fire we pass through, we would never chose fire; still the trying of our faith - which is more precious than gold- the trying of our faith is more precious than what we think most precious.

One story in scripture (and there are many) of overcoming the trauma of unrighteousness inflicted by leaders and or brothers is in Saul's jealous pursuit of David. David finds himself in a cave with 400 of the distressed, indebted, and discontented, all pursued by KING Saul. Some writers say 15 to 20 years David spent fleeing Saul's insane, murderous, rampage. Those with David thought him mad for not killing Saul when he could have. These men had become effected by David's heart; his heart to trust God changed their hearts. When word of the king and his son's death came, all the men that were with David, all being pursued by Saul their brother their king; all tore their clothes morned and wept 2Sam.1. Then David's song for Saul and Jonathan which he said was to be taught to the children, shows that David was a man who came to understand the grace and mercy of a sovereign Lord. I encourage those who post here - take a fresh look that scripture.

Brother, you know God's people have a history of being traumatized by those who speak in his name. Still like Paul, pressed down beyond measure even despairing of life, but believing God can raise the dead; we, his brothers have the same spirit of faith.

Brothers this will most likely be my last post here; I pray you all keep yourselves in the love of Christ. Peace!
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