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Default Re: Two Year Training Testimonies

Originally Posted by Freedom View Post
The primary thing that made me not want to attend the training was the realization that it bears no resemblance to how normal people live and interact in the real world. The training rules are a primary example of that. By the time someone graduates from college, they should now how to keep a schedule, dress for work and be a responsible individual. It's almost insulting that they give young people the idea that without attending the training they won't be able to function as a normal human being in life.
Very good observation. I would never have thought to put it this way. The real truth of the matter is that, despite their claim to be training these young people in "the proper human living", they end up producing a bunch of semi-robotic clones who cannot relate to the modern 21st century American adult. (I don't know so much about the other foreign Full-Time trainings, but I suspect they are much of the same) Dressing and conducting oneself in a professional manner is all well and good if you are selling a tangible product, but if the product is YOURSELF and supposedly the genuine and historic Gospel as found in the Bible, then people are quickly going to ascertain that you're just a well-dressed recruiter for some little-known religious organization based in Anaheim, California.

One rule that irks me in particular is the restrictions on contact with the opposite sex. That is completely abnormal and they really have no such right to impose those kind of rules. The reason that they can get away with it is because trainees have no problem agreeing to the rules without a single question or doubt.
This is mostly based upon the culture of early to mid 20th century China (Asia in general?). Again, if these young people were controlled enough to make it through a 4 year university without letting the attraction to the opposite sex make them so irresponsible as to not be able to graduate, then I can't see how they couldn't be trusted to make it another 2 years! It's nothing but blatant cult-like control over a very personal aspect of a young person's life.
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