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Originally Posted by lostlampstand View Post
I am a church kid that ‘fell through the crack’, lost my faith and drifted away. I tried to come back numerous times, to confess, repent and make myself a better vessel, to inherit my birthright and fight for my portion. I am in my 30s now and I am frankly very exhausted. There’s deep truth in LC but the vision remains shallow, and continues to present itself as a religious organization.
Welcome to the forum, lostlampstand!

You sure condensed an incredible diagnosis of life in the LC into one brief post.

There's much to be said here, but I'll only make a couple comments. If the "truth sets us free," as Jesus has clearly told us, then the LC has little remaining truth. Their "deep truth" actually is deep doctrine, but as Paul says, they are "always learning something new, and yet are never able to arrive at real knowledge of the truth." (2 Tim 3.7) They have become an abusive sect with a Chinese accent. In this regard, they are little different from Judaism in the New Testament, which had become an abusive sect with a Jewish accent.

Your definition of "faith," as it now exists in your heart, has been defined mostly wrong. Read your post again and see how different your definition is from the Bible. Faith is very real and exceedingly precious, but yours, like mine, was leavened with the modern day teachings of the Pharisees. The apostle Paul, a great pattern to us, was purged of his leaven by spending much time alone with the Lord in His word. Though this forum can help with the specifics, I encourage you to spend much time alone with Jesus in the Gospels, the Psalms, etc.

When you do visit other Christian gatherings, actively practice looking for the good, and consciously eliminate judgmentalism which will automatically arise in your heart.
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