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Default Re: How Much To Throw Out?

I read the following this morning in the "Unvarnished New Testament": "That's how you can clearly tell the children of God from the children of the devil: anyone who does't do what's right isn't of God's kind, as well as anyone who doesn't treat his brother with love." 1 John 3:10

This morning the Spirit caused me to consider what I need "to add" as well as throw out, and I learned that for John and Christ the word "love" is a verb not just a noun. In the UNT the word love is translated as "treat his brother with love", so I went to one of my reference books and learned that the word love was in the "present subjunctive active" form meaning a continual or repetitious action. I think I had the idea that love is a thought or a concept, but now I see that love is a verb whose action should never cease. So, one thing I need to add as I transition out is treating the brothers with love.
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