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Default Non Controlling Local Church, Really?

Subscribe to one ministry one publication, how does it not controlling? Not controlling the meeting? Really? What if I stand up and share about something of John Piper will I get Amens from LSM subscriber?

Strict separation of gender in the church. How does it not controlling who is my future spouse is? Have to fellowship with elder for marriage and how does it not controlling again? These setting limit the LSM saints to contact with other Christians from other groups, how does it not controlling your life?

Not controlling? Really? How about controlling Facebook comments? Excommunicate the one who's not agree with WL, there's no control?

Basically LSM stains live within a small circle and lived according to a certain pattern of life, I'm surprised the leading brothers say the stains are not under control. The obvious controlling factor is so clear, why would they say they don't control anyone? It's more acceptable to admit there's a control.
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