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Default Re: Lee and LC: Home Runs and Strikeouts


Not that different.

And I think that we are talking about different things here. My main complaints relate to

1. Lee's kind of Trinity/Triune that majors on the oneness to the near removal of the Threeness, and

2. The distinct separation of the "human spirit" from the soul.

On the second, when we were responding to questions about Nee's three-part man verses some years ago, I think we discovered that several of the verses that he claimed to prove the human spirit as having characteristics that are not soul or body, we found that actually most of them (maybe all) really were the same as aspects of the soul. More like an enhanced feature of the soul than some separate thing (organ?). It makes the claim that only the living and operative word can separate soul from spirit more meaningful. According to Nee, the letter of the word can do it through mere logic. Nothing "living" required.
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