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Default Re: The Mormon Church is "The Church"?

Originally Posted by aron View Post
"These experiences are crucial for the church to become a church of overcomers."

Amen. One of the great ironies of the Nee/Lee saga is that it prohibits the very thing it's supposedly based on. We're told that Nee read all the great works of Christian history & learnt from them. He read widely & broadly, looked far afield & profited from the enormous base of work he digested. Somehow all these competing points of view were able settle in his mind & build something solid, something that approximated reality as it is.

Now, the LAST thing the LSM wants its captive flock to do is follow Nee & dispassionately consider varied sources. Today, there can be only one source - the printing press in Anaheim.

The irony could hardly be more striking. Someone should make a movie - Hollywood loves this stuff. The free thinker who struck out on his own and started a personality cult that programs its followers to only think his thoughts.
Lots of ironies.

1. Nee studied history extensively yet missed the point that history involves many individuals with many insights and is an ongoing process.

2. The entire doctrine of blending is based on many members yet one body, but the irony is they want one body without the varied talents of the many members.
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