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Default Re: The Mormon Church is "The Church"?

Originally Posted by Evangelical View Post
No, not at all. But it is a movement responsible for persecuting the independent churches.


Luther came out of Babylon but did not enter Jerusalem. He thought politics could help the church. Likewise, Calvin aligned the church and the state, and then persecuted heretics.

Calvin did not practice Sola Scriptura - he believed in a state church, persecution of perceived heresy, and infant baptism - these are Catholic ideas.

The Reformed churches (Lutheran, English ) look like Catholic churches in many ways.
Historical revisionism by Mr. E.

How about we change the title of this forum to "THE DEFICIENCY OF THE RECOVERY?"

And the recovery looks much like the Catholic Church in so many ways:
  • Headed by a MOTA much like the Pope
    Ruled by Blendeds much like the Cardinals
    Like a Monsignor, many LC's are administered by a LSM worker
    Elders in name only, actually rule like parish priests
    Daily readings in HWFMR like the Catholic Missal
    Meeting content the same all over the world
    One centralized publishing house for entire church
    Deformed practices of oneness like the RCC
    Quarantine dissenters like the heretics of old
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