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Default Testimony of FollowHim!

I have met in different churches in the past, and just recently I started to meet with the LC. Over the past 4 years, I could say I know the Lord and His life so much better, and am able to shepherd people into the pure joy of Him and His Word. I'm sorry many of these things happened to you, but I just want clarify:

1. In the LC, we don't just read Brother Lee or Watchman Nee's stuff. If you look at brother Lee and Watchman Nee themselves, they read lots of things from other Christian scholars/writers. We do encourage people to seek the Lord for themselves, but not just receive the teachings as from men but not from God.

2. Concerning other churches, I agree we could have more fellowship with other believers. However, the bottom-line is we all agree we are NOT the only churches. When people go to other churches, we bless them and wish them all the best in their spiritual growth. I personally have a number of close friends from other churches and we still fellowship a lot.

3. Different churches in LC could have very different atmosphere. It's His mercy that we could overcome. The lack of mutuality and care could be stumbling, and is certainly not biblical, but I would not say this is general across all the localities. There are some localities, for example, in Taipei, where people REALLY bear one another in love and in truth. The church in Taipei also has good relationship with other Christian groups. Our elders fellowship with their elders very frequently and pray together for the Lord's interest in the country.

I've no theology background and is just a normal believer, so I can't argue with you about all these theological points. However, I can testify my past few years in the LC has been exceedingly enjoyable and fruitful, bringing many people to Christ and growing to love Him and His people more each day. I'm looking forward to the many years to come in Christ and the Church.

Much grace and peace,

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