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It's so refreshing to see brothers talking through things (the way God intends), with apologies and forgiveness. Glory be to God.

The local church way of "never say anything" if you are bothered by something, is so lop-sided and misses much of what scripture teaches about working things out in the family of God in a spirit of love.

By the way, I never heard the phrase "iron sharpens iron" in the local churches. That's too bad. We all could have used some sharpening and true "blending" with the saints not meeting in TLC. It would have been a big help. Instead we sued anyone disagreeing with us, missed the opportunity, and got duller, weirder and weirder, and sicker and sicker.

Another rambling thought:

Towards the end of Witness Lee's ministry, he said many times "God's economy is the chicken, every thing Christianity has is just chicken feathers". The problem is, a plucked chicken is gross, and that's all "God's economy" became in TLC, a naked chicken. Toward the end, I had the thought, "please put some feathers on that chicken" a few times. Note, I love God's economy, but the end of the charge is love out of a pure heart (something the rest of Christianity gets). Love is not chicken feathers either.
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