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That's the main issue with Christian Restorationism movements. Each restorationism leads to different churches saying they've restored what was lost, but it ends up being a superiority complex against the rest of Christianity.
But meanwhile, the historic animosities among so many of those groups have subsided over the years while the new groups, like the LRC, ramp up the animosity. They even have to denigrate the "cross borders" work that happens as being window dressing, otherwise, their own separation would appear worse. (Not that it can get any worse.)

And while we try to dimish the separations, it might be worth noting that some still hang onto claims of heresy so bad that some groups just cannot be included. For example, if we assert that the RCC is simply out, where was the church for several centuries? Not saying that every so-called church group is really in. But we should be careful about how strongly we excommunicate. Maybe we should let God be the decider on some things. He will get his say in the end. Our determination of what that say is could be flawed.
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