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Default Handling Matters In-House Again 2003

I shared at the beginning that an elder stated that Steve Isitt should have handled matters in-house - implying that I did not. For truth's sake, more than for the sake of defending myself, I simply counter with the truth of the matter in this fellowship that I have been presenting.

Many attempts were made for fellowship with leaders, such as in the following communication in the link below, which I consider a "classic" interchange of heartfelt principles.

The venerable Friedel Hanson stated a few years ago when he read this correspondence: "I like what the [elder] said; but, I like what you said even better." I too like what the elder said, who was such an elder who could respond in love with thoughtfulness, a rarity among local church elders. But he speaks to one side of the coin - and I speak to the other.

Dave Hoff is from the Chicago area and knew me in the seventies in the church in Chicago and in our fellowship later, after a few saints began to spread to the surrounding suburbs for the church life.

Please refer to

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