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Default Thank you finallyprettyokay

Thank You finallyprettyokay,I have been really enjoying the Lord this last year.His Love has drawn me deeper and deeper into His Dear Self.I heard a brother share that those three brothers who were thrown into the fire in the book of Daniel had a real experience of the Lord.Number one,when they were thrown into the fire its intensity devoured those who threw them in.Number two,in the fire they never were burned,yet the ropes that bound them were ,and number 3,the Son of Man was there in the midst of the fire with them.By Him being in the fire with them,it caused them not to want to leave but they were ordered out of the fire by the king.

This brother went on to say that it's in the fire that we are free from the things that bind us.Tho it may seem intense,yet it never burns us but releases us from whatever binds us.Also in this fire we don't want to leave because the Son of Man ,Jesus,is there comforting and supporting us to go through the experience.It was James who said,Count it all joy when you fall into various trials.You can see why these brothers didn't want to leave.

I have been asking the Lord that He would show me the "Joy "of being in such a fire as these brothers.An experience where the fire destroys our enemies,is intense yet doesn't burn us but frees us from whatever binds us,and causes us to realize that we aren't alone in the fire but He is there keeping us ,encouraging us,supporting us,and even praying for us.In such a place no wonder those brothers didn't want to leave!
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