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Default Re: Spouses in the local church

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I am a Christian, and you need to give your wife the freedom of worship that she needs. You are not her jailer, nor are you her dictator. You are her husband, and your mandate or order from God is to love your wife as Christ loved the church. Love is not controlling, demanding nor is it self-serving. Stop being a Pharoah, and let your wife go to the meetings of the local church as the Spirit leads her to go.
These kinds of statements never help. There is nothing in Redman's posts that warrants this. Obviously Redman has not been doing what you have accused him of doing. He came here for help, and all the other replies so far have been quite good.

Redman is rightfully concerned because his dear wife has recently placed new demands upon the family. I have personally witnessed this before, usually instigated by ministry zealots who heap demands upon their members. They place commitment to the ministry and to the church on the same level as the Lord, making ridiculous comments like, "how can we differentiate Christ and the church?" This is quite deceptive since our marriage and our family must always come before the church. This subtle misalignment of priorities has damaged many marriages in the Recovery.

Yes, the Lord should be our first love, and yes, He must have the first place in our hearts. The Lord, however, is totally committed to the institution of marriage. Regardless of a million teachings and instructions by LSM to the contrary, the Lord would never approve of a divorce so that one member could be more involved in the Recovery.
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