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Default Re: I had a dream. (Full)

Originally Posted by seeking1 View Post
One thing that I was kind of hoping would happen on its own, but didn't, was that my testimony would generate some comments on dreams and their significance/insignificance.

Like I've already mentioned, I never been one to believe that dreams carry a lot of weight. Although, I know about the instances of Jacob, Joseph, and Daniel (et al?) in the bible. Within the past few years I have had some really weird dreams that don't fit the framework of my usual dreams I was wondering if anyone had some personal examples/instances/experiences they would like to share.

There are a ton of dream websites out there, I really don't trust any of them, and I have no desire to attempt to wade through the "muck". It seems like there's a substantial deposit of wisdom & understanding present on this forum, so I'd just like to put it out there and see what comes back.
Dreams, at least for me, have not been something I cherished, because none seemed to be divinely inspired. That's not to say they cannot be real and given by God, as the Bible, old and new, testifies. My wife can remember the details of many of her dreams, but most are strange oddities that I listen to only because I love her.

I have met with some believers who held dreams and their interpretation in high regard. Some have also spoken messages in tongues. The problem with dreams and tongues is in the interpretation. Some interpretations I have heard were little more than wishful thinking, but I have heard of some dreams which were a definite answer to prayer and provided necessary instruction to the receiver. I do believe, that like tongues, dreams can be a precious gift from God, and I think yours was. I also believe, that like the interpretation of some tongues, dreams can be pretended, and thus become suspicious to many.
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