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Default Re: I had a dream. (Full)

Originally Posted by UntoHim View Post
Thanks so much for this heartfelt testimony! Please don't be discouraged by the lack of response so far. Many (most?) of the registered members here are crusty, old and decidedly jaded ex Local Churchers who can't even agree on what color the sky is much less on anything of real importance. But most of us really mean well. Whatever you do, please keep "moving on, seeking this One, Jesus."
Hi brother seeking 1!
I to have recently departed the LC in Oct. Its very encouraging to hear that you and your family are "moving on,seeking this One, Jesus". You stated the Lord was leading you out, and that has been my experience also!! He is the Good Sheperd who leads and cares for His sheep. I have met and fellowshipped with many bros./sisters in two assemblies in the town where I live. Its been really wonderful and eye opening at the same time. Feel free to PM anytime.
Oh, btw, not all of us are crusty,old, and jaded.( Is "piling-on" allowed in the forum Un2 ??)
Now,about the color of the sky in Ohios photo. Not totally grey,there's some white in there,different shades of grey...............
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