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To summarize:

1. Excommunication is not "quarantine". As it has been shown in other threads this term is equivocation from WL and LSM because they fear being sued for slander. However, there is no mention of a quarantine in Matt 18 (the word refers to a short period of observation of a person not showing symptoms of disease yet who was exposed to a contagious disease. The purpose is to stop the spread of the disease. The practice of "quarantine" by LSM is simply a lie. They do not observe those who are quarantined. It is not for a short period of time. The thought is not that they have not exhibited symptoms but rather they have been judged contagious by the elders. There is no visitation or attempt to bring this sheep back into the flock.) What takes place is what Paul did in 1Cor where he stated evidence as to why the brother should be excommunicated and he was very clear as to the sin. It was public with the evidence clearly stated. Then in 2Cor there was the forgiveness and restoration of this brother.
2. Evangelical has argued that "two or three are incapable of making important decisions" yet 1Cor shows Paul making the decision to excommunicate the brother based on what he had heard from two or three. This comment by Evangelical shows that he despises these small groups even though Matt 18 specifically warns against despising them.
3. Evangelical has argued that two or three cannot be "the church" since they then must "tell it to the church". However, this "church" cannot be the "local church" as taught by WL and LSM because their authority is limited to the boundary of a city whereas the binding of this brother is over the whole earth. This forum is a very good example of "telling it to the church". All of the Christians on Earth. This forum is a gathering of Christians from dozens, maybe even hundreds of localities over this earth.
4. WL and company would have you believe that it is the boundary of a city that makes a church authentic. However, in Matthew 18 it is the binding of a brother on Earth and him being bound in Heaven that proves a church is authentic. For example, if I say "I am one with all Christians in this city" then I "quarantine" brother Titus Chu because he published Christian materials outside of LSM and no Christians in this city are one with that decision am I really one with them? Saying that you are one with them is not proof that you are. So, yes, when Paul excommunicated a brother all Christians were one with him, so his claim to be one with the Christians in the city was true. It isn't the claim that makes it true, it is the truth of the claim that makes it true.

So then let's test this out: Phillip Lee was excommunicated by the Anaheim elders due to repeated evidence of sexual molestation while acting as President of the Living Stream Ministry. As a result all of these elders were forced to resign. New puppet elders were installed by Phillip Lee's dad. These elders then wrote an apology letter to Phillip Lee. There was no public confession or repentance by Phillip Lee, nor was there any suggestion that he had been forgiven of his sins, rather it was the puppet elders who repented and asked forgiveness. Why? Ed Marks said he signed this letter "because it made Witness Lee happy". Do you think all of the Christians in Anaheim CA would be "one" with this?

These puppet elders "loosed" Phillip Lee. Do you think this decision was honored in heaven?
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