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I’m reminded that true healing isn’t necessarily found here or in any one church. It is found in Jesus Christ the Lord. Hopefully those who frequent these boards can help point us back to “The Great Physician” for curing our ills.
I'm getting there, I've had to recognize that damage is something that happens to body, soul, and spirit. Maybe just my approach but I think the healing is different for all three parts.

Part of my healing is just trying to understand why my parents fell into this lifestyle and raised us the way they did. Understanding the history and turns of the LC in the 80's has really helped me have some grace towards the whole situation.

It's so full circle to read John Ingalls account and hear about "the new way" and FTTT bc we actually moved to Taiwan when my dad went to the training there.

I'm finding myself seeing both sides of the situation and recognize how it influenced me in my life (negatively and some positively too) so that I can be more self aware and conscious going forward

Also, I do want to go on with the Lord but I'm re-learning how to think about things and need to be in a place where my guard is down. Right now, its not. I'm getting there.

I'll just say, spiritual abuse is a real thing.
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