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Default Re: What should I be looking for in a church?

Originally Posted by GuestM View Post
This is about control. They have no intention of listening to you. They want to wear you down, or gain something from what you say that will give them an advantage. Worse than that? Well...I don't know these particular people you're dealing with, but I know this behavior, and it's kind of psychic vampirism (for lack of a more Christiany way to say it...sorry).

But I'm serious.

People who are emotional manipulators MUST FEED ON EMOTION. They must engage with you and interact with you to maintain hope of control. As long as they can rile you up and keep you on the defensive, even if you are resisting them, they are still, ultimately, controlling you.

They cannot do that if they don't have access to you.
I agree. Don't feed them your soul. Just disengage.

They are not there to learn from you & grow. They manipulate others to please their all-too- human masters.

Pick up a HWMR sometime and look at the outline. Full of need. "We must" and "We should" and "We need to".
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