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Default Re: What should I be looking for in a church?

I see a lot of advice concerning this writer or that preacher/writer. But unless you happen to live in the right place, you are going to get some common preacher who probably went to one of a number of different seminaries or Bible schools. And they are going to be reading and picking from many sources, both recent and past (even long past). If they are not, I would always be wary that you are headed into another closed system.

The point is to get connected with other Christians. To hear the word proclaimed regularly. To join in corporate worship. That is generally easier when you do it with people you get to know at least a little. People that you see fairly regularly. So whether you "become a member" or just attend regularly, you are joining along with them on the Christian journey.

Despite things you have seen from me in other threads, I would steer you toward more evangelical churches. Reformed, Baptist, Bible churches, so many of the more recent (and loose) affiliations. Too many to know them all or name them. But good options. And if your leaning is toward the other end of the spectrum, I would not dissuade you as long as you are preparing to join in the liturgy as reminding you week after week of the truth of Jesus and of our part in his continued life on earth. I do not think that the RCC is unchristian, but it is also difficult to suggest that as an option.

You should be looking for a church that is there for your growth and for the propagation of the Gospel, whether in missionary ways or other acts of service in your community. Take note of their stance toward others who are not of their flock. And if you see anything that you think is truly of serious error, you might want to reconsider. But I will not lead you as to what kinds of things those might be. I hope that if it is important that it will be clear to you. Otherwise, I pray for your ability to practice generality.
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