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Default What should I be looking for in a church?

I just wanna tell you all of you here. I have made my way out, but the fear I'm the only one of the family members have left this group. I thank God for relieving the truth to me for more over 4 years of reservations. Now, I'm constantly getting out for good and be joined with orthodox and evangelical Christians. I couldn't agree more the blatant contradictions of LSM's teachings. I felt bad for those people like John So, Titus Chu, John Ingalls, reading their stories that have treated wrongly. I made a thorough investigation to decide when is the right time to leave the Local Church movement. I used to defend the local church theology against critics for years. What turned out has changed the course of my life. First start, I have had encountered this website a long time ago, but my local church elders have told us not to read poisions posted on the Internet. But it isn't a poison it's an inoculation!

Everything they told me were plain lies. Teachings were contradictory when you compare scripture with scripture. And the hidden history really got hooked my attention. It was too horrible and hardly to describe. I do affirm some of things that LSM hold to. But as I went beyond the empty tombs, the fox has revealed its tails. I made my decision to leave because it's difficult to grow my relationship with Jesus when all I just heard from them is bashing Christians in Christianity and claiming that God is on our side. There so many things I have had enough with them.

What drove me away were their theological views and their attitude towards other Christians.

I'm strongly convicted to look in a more Bible-based, Christ-honoring direction and can do that in a loving manner, then staying would seem to be the better course of action. I don't know exactly because no church is perfect. I wanna sure to pray about a group I'm considering, to be sure I'm following the Lord's leading as I search. Maybe I could begin my search online, to see all of my options. And especially I wanna sure to read a church's doctrinal statement or statement of belief to find out about their stance on important issues. If from this initial research a church seems to be good and solid, then I visit that church.

I would like to ask if these teachers like John Piper and James White are biblical sound teachers and recommendable to my Christian walk. Please help me because I don't know exactly where to go to start my Christian walk.

PS. English is not my first language. I'm having difficulty to outline what should I say.
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