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Default Re: What is the boundary of the Local Church?

Originally Posted by ZNPaaneah View Post
OK, got it, according to Evangelical you need to have 4 people to be a church. It may be completely unscriptural conclusion, but at least to Evangelical it is a logical conclusion. This may not illuminate the word, but it does shed light on the inner workings of Evangelicals mind.

Your post has completely ignored what I have written and what my understanding is. You asked me what it meant to "meet in the name of Jesus" -- to answer that I used the picture of the New Jerusalem and pointed out that if two or three inside of the walls of the NJ were to meet they would be one with all that are within those walls. As a result what they bound on Earth would be bound in heaven as the NJ is the representative of the kingdom of Heaven.
My view is not unscriptural because I based it on the fact that Jesus said to tell the church if telling two or three was insufficient. It is rather, logic based on scripture.

Actually I did not say 4. I said more than 3. The scripturally correct number I believe is 12. This is the number of apostles Christ chose, and as the foundation stones of His Church they are the minimum number. Just as Israel would not have existed with less than 12 tribes, the church would not have existed with less than 12 apostles, so 12 must be the minimum number.

I believe you implied this when you wrote previously "If we understand the wall to be the fellowship of the apostles". Have you not considered that the fellowship of the apostles is the fellowship of 12 people and within this fellowship all of our doctrine is defined and is the "spiritual Breastplate of Judgement" as you wrote. I believe this fact destroys your "two or three" argument completely because it is the fellowship of 12 people not two or three.
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