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Default Re: Claim of Watchman Nee Leadership Practice in China?

And what happens as the concept of supreme mastership plays itself out in the collective? Distortion, stumbling and ruin.

We were told that WN had a collection of spiritual classics, numbering some 3,000 works. Do we suppose that there were 50 sequential supreme masters, each with a 40-odd year ministry period, where each put out some 60 classics? Or do you suppose that some of the books - gasp! - were written in the same era by different people? No, or yes? If yes, then why could only one ministry publish in the Ni/Li era? I'll tell you why, because these supposedly supreme masters distorted the process. The kingdom of God became the kingdom of self.

WL stood on the shoulders of giants, so we heard. And he went further, as he saw more. But upon his passing, nobody can see still further? WL could, and did, critique his claimed predecessors. But those who've read him, and follow, can't likewise critique his ideas? How can we learn? How can we see? How can we grow?

I went the LSM/lc because of the the excitement: all the shouting, jumping up and down, arm-waving. Christianity had been boring and now it was fun! I liked having all the answers. WN & WL had done the heavy lifting & all we neded to do was 'enjoy'. Plus I liked being love-bombed - at the community church all I'd gotten was a handshake from the pastor as I went out the door.

But what happens if I actually begin to grow, and hear the Shepherd's voice in the scripture? What if I begin to see variance, and discrepancies in the LSM/lc? What then? The principle of supreme mastership obviates all of that. One person per age gets to be 'seer of the divine revelation', as WL said in title of the the biography of WN. The rest must acquiesce to the supposed 'vision of the age', i.e. the whims of the SM. Your only vision is that the supreme master has the vision & you have none.

And the last SM, the last MOTA, on his way out the door, apparently decreed that henceforth there were to be no more seers of the divine revelation! Wow, what a vision from God!

Do you see my point? What a distortion, what a stumbling placed on the flock. "Entangled again with the yoke of slavery", said Paul. Amen to that - it's a system of slavery.
"Freedom is free. It's slavery that's so horribly expensive" - Colonel Templeton, ret., of the 12th Scottish Highlanders, the 'Black Fusiliers'
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