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It was hard not to listen to one of the others nearby on the page. I started one and was greeted by a stringing of LCM catchphrases. By the end of about 4 lines there had been mention of God's economy (so glorious), consummated, God's eternal purpose . . . . I just couldn't help but kill it then and there. A smorgasbord of Leeology. Shot-gunning every high-sounding phrase they had in their arsenal. It would have made me laugh if it had not made me so ill.

And unlike the one JJ linked (which is at least mostly a regular hymn with no video), this one had pretty scenery scrolling words along with the choir (despite being called Karaoke).

I know this thread is about music we like. But so much of the LCM music was, and is, about catching people who think that simple and focused is poor and theologically (or Leeologically) jam-packed is what worship and singing is all about. Impress everyone with the depth of your theology.

Nothing trite like care for the dying, or Lord have mercy on me. Not even as low as the gospel of salvation. It must be nearly unable to contain the amount of stuff that can be crammed-in.
Sorry the other LCM music was a distraction OBW.

Since I posted the link to Christ is Victor, I've reflected on how Christ displayed His victory. Even that is somewhat mysterious, and not "showing off".

He leaves his linen cloth and head wrap folded in the tomb. Two angels in bright clothing tell the disciples he has been raised like he told them, go to Galilee, he will meet you there.

He is seen by Mary Magdelene, she thinks he is the Gardener, and He says "don't touch me, I go to the Father".

He appears to two disciples on the road to Emmaus and talks to them about his crucifixion and the news of his resurrection, but they don't recognize him until he breaks bread with them. But, while he was expounding the scripture to them their hearts were burning within them.

He pops into two gatherings of the disciples who are in an enclosed room. He shows them the nail marks in his hands and mark in his side. He gives doubting Thomas and all believers to follow a lesson in faith.

He breathes into them and says, "receive the Holy Spirit".

Over the course of 40 days he teaches the disciples about the kingdom of God. But they want to know if he is restoring the kingdom to Israel then.

He gives the fisherman a "fishing by obedience lesson".

He tells them to wait in Jerusalem, until the promise of the Father, the Holy Spirit comes upon them.

Then he ascends into heaven to the Father's side, while an angel tells the disciples he will return the same way he left.

Then he advocates for them at the Father's side while the Holy Spirit testifies concerning Him and convicts the world of sin and righteousness.

Paul said Jesus stripped off the ordinances, making an open display of them.

The Holy Spirit descends upon the gathered church and empowers the disciples to announce the resurrection of Christ and salvation in Jesus. Some think they are drunk. Many believe and others scoff.

The rulers of the Jews and Rome tried to kill this movement, but the more they tried the more it spread.

The more they killed the Christians, the more people were captured in His victory train.

Christ the Victor.
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