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Default Re: My Views and Stance on The Recovery

Thank you all for your advice. It has been very helpful and much appreciated. It seems like leaving the LC quietly and slowly is the best way to go. I have already not been to Sunday morning meetings for more than a month now. No one has noticed only because I am in a situation that provides a really good excuse for not being able to meet. I think once I stop meeting altogether though, saints will start to notice and ask questions. At that time, I will need to let the Holy Spirit lead my speaking.

My three primary reasons for leaving:

Even though I disagree with some of the major practices and theologies in the Lord, that is not my reason for breaking the tie. And as much as I find the history of the LC disgusting, neither is that the cause for wanting to leave (since history is history).

I sense that there is not much blessing from the Holy Spirit on the LC as a whole (I'm not talking about individuals in the LC). I need to be in a new place where I can receive new speaking and new revelation.
2) The LC is full of hypocrisy as an organization: the double standards trouble me tremendously.
3) I don't want my children to grow up in this kind of environment
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