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Default Re: My Views and Stance on The Recovery

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I think you have touched on one of the most important question for me. Is it worth leaving? Because it would include leaving some friends, or at least some parts of our friendship. Yet, I need to leave because I need some friends who see things differently (spiritually). With all my friends in the LC, I still feel lonely because I cannot express my concerns regarding the teachings and leadership of the LC's. If you cannot speak the truth with friends, how much are they really your friends? Yet they are my friends. We are close in so many other ways, but not this (regarding the LC). And this is not because they have changed, but I have changed. See my dilemma? Feels uncomfortable to be in this state of mind.
I am still in the LC, and I have had the same questions you're having now. Luckily for me, there are some here that I can speak with, some that even share certain reservations (to put it nicely). I think this type people exists in almost every LC. Seek them out. Maybe you already know them.

If my family and I leave I know I won't lose any friends. My parents and siblings won't turn their backs on me though they'll most likely stay.

All the advice here is perfect for someone. It's up to you to choose which piece is perfect for you and your family. Prayer. That's the answer. That and what you're doing, reaching out to find others in a similar situation.

If the friends you have in the LC are really your friends and truly believers, they will understand...though maybe only eventually. Your moving on may encourage others to do the same. It may encourage others to question why they're there. You never know how other people are going to respond.
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