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Default Re: My Views and Stance on The Recovery

Originally Posted by Truth View Post
You are right. I should not feel guilty that I cannot speak with my LC friends in this matter (LC history, teachings, and practices). We have multiple friends. Each friend supports us and meets our need differently. I guess it is okay that my LC friends don't see the LC organization for what it is. It is just that sometimes I feel hypocritical around them. I "look" like I agree with and support the LCs when i really don't.
At some level, this is not a problem. But be careful not to imply that you agree with what you cannot agree with.

And there should be plenty at the individual level that we can agree with, as long as they don't want to start into those special doctrines of the LRC. You know the ones. Ground. Christianity is Babylon. The RCC is the Great Harlot. "God's Economy" means you ignore James and half of the Psalms, and dismiss the obvious meaning of any kind of verse that suggests you should be righteous and obedient. If they bring those up, I find nothing to do but to politely say that I cannot find that to be a rational understanding of the passage in question.
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